Clinical assistant and PhD fellowship at Functional Imaging Unit, Rigshospitalet, Glostrup, University of Copenhagen

Functional Imaging Unit invites applications for a clinical research assistant with the possibility to apply for a 3-year co-financed PhD fellowship with the research project “Quantification of permeability of the blood-brain barrier and brain metabolism by magnetic resonance imaging in multiple sclerosis” from medical doctors that hold – or expect to hold – a Medical Doctor’s degree in September 2018 at the latest.

The position is open from the earliest convenience and until June 1st 2018 at the latest. Enrolment at the Copenhagen Graduate School of Health Sciences within 6 to 12 months from employment is a prerequisite (referring to the Ministerial Order on the PhD Program at Universities, no. 1039, 27. August 2013).

Functional Imaging Unit

Functional Imaging Unit (FIU) was established at Rigshospitalet, Glostrup in 2004 and is headed by Professor Henrik BW Larsson. FIU is part of Dept. of Clinical Physiology, Nuclear Medicine and PET, Rigshospitalet headed by Professor Liselotte Højgaard. The general scientific aim is to bring advanced physiological or multi-modal MRI methods into clinical research based on physiological insight. Senior researchers at FIU have for more than 15 years investigated neuroscience and neural diseases using MRI and functional MRI.


The PhD project

We have recently published results showing that permeability of the blood-brain barrier as measured by dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI) is a novel in-vivo marker of neuroinflammation in the brain and may be a highly useful tool in the clinical setting in early detection of inadequate treatment response and relapses in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis patients. The project consists of two separate parts:

  • Investigate if DCE-MRI can predict treatment response to the newest and most efficacious MS treatment regimes (Natalizumab, Fingolimod and Alemtuzumab). We also wish to characterize pathological changes in brain perfusion and metabolism during the course of treatment and correlate these to blood and urine biomarkers of inflammation, through our ongoing research collaboration with MS neuroimmunologists from Southampton University, Great Britain.
  • This part of the project tests the hypothesis that a Gluten restrictive diet can reduce brain neuroinflammation and improve MS outcome (https://www.on-projekt.com/). This part of the study is a collaboration with the Bartholin Institute which have recently shown that a Gluten restrictive diet improves the outcome in type I diabetes.

Patients for both projects will be recruited in collaboration with the MS clinics at Rigshospitalet Glostrup and Blegdamsvej, and thus the project will have a great interdisciplinary aspect, specifically within the fields of Neurology and Multiple Sclerosis.

Supervisor: Professor Henrik BW Larsson, MD, DMSc

  • invented the DCE-MRI method in 1990, supervisor for 26 PhD and Master Students since 1995)

Co-supervisor: Postdoc Stig P. Cramer, MD, PhD

  • practical experience with the DCE-MRI method since 2011)


Further information: stig.praestekjaer.cramer@regionh.dk

PhD qualifications, conditions and procedure


The successful applicant must hold a Medical Doctors degree (before internship (KBU) is preferred due to the time constraints of the Danish 5–year rule), which should be approved before employment. Relevant course work, previous research and practical experience should be described. The applicant should have a high level of academic interest in the field and should possess the ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team.


The grant is a 1-year clinical assistant position with the possibility for extension into a 4-year PhD position under the conditions that the project is accepted by Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

Applications (in English or Danish) should include a short description of motivation (max. 2 pages), academic achievements, copies of degrees, and a CV.

Deadline and Submission

Deadline is 28th of March 2018. Material received after this deadline will not be considered.

Applications should be submitted by e-mail only and in a single file to:

Stig Præstekjær Cramer, MD, PhD Postdoc

Functional Imaging Unit www.fiunit.dk Dept. of Clinical Physiology, Nuclear Medicine and PET Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital Nordre Ringvej 57

2600 Glostrup


All interested parties are encouraged to apply fro the position, regardless of age, sex, race, religion or ethnicity.


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