Master’s student for project within endocrinology

Group of Skeletal, Mineral and Gonadal Endocrinology
Department of Growth and Reproduction, Rigshospitalet

Background: We are looking for a highly dedicated master’s student in molecular biomedicine, molecular biology, human biology, medicine or similar to carry out a master’s thesis project in the field of endocrinology/nephrology/embryonic development. You will be part of a translational team comprising molecular biologists, physicians, human biologists, and candidates from molecular biomedicine that all investigate the clinical implications of endocrine crosstalk between the pituitary, gonads, kidney and the bone. If you are interested in doing translational research, a project in our group might be right for you since we combine functional animal models with human models or interventions in humans in all our projects.

The project: We have developed a novel human kidney model and are identifying novel regulators of renal action. Our aim is to clarify the mechanism of action by exposing human kidney tissue to some of these factors and combine the obtained information with already collected data from injection of these factors into healthy controls and relevant patients. We have established an ongoing collaboration with the Department of Urology and the Department of Nephrology at Rigshospitalet to collect healthy kidney tissue from patients undergoing nephrectomy due to kidney cancer. This allows us to culture human kidney tissue using a hanging drop technique.

1) Validate the established human kidney ex vivo culture model
2) Investigate the effects of selected compounds on renal calcium signaling and function in human kidney ex vivo.

Methods: Set up of ex vivo cultures, RNA harvesting, cDNA synthesis, RT-qPCR, immunohistochemistry The student: We are looking for a highly skilled, motivated, enthusiastic and hard-working student. It is a great advantage if you already have some experience with laboratory and cell culture work.

What we offer: You will be a part of the Group of Skeletal, Mineral, and Gonadal Endocrinology led by MD, DMSc Martin Blomberg Jensen, who is also a part time lecturer at Division of Bone and Mineral Research at Harvard University, Boston. Our group is located at the Department of Growth and Reproduction at Rigshospitalet and consists of 7 PhD students in addition to more than 50 other people working with research in the Department. We offer an inspiring research environment with skilled and driven scientists. As we have already collected data related to this project, the probability of your work being included in a scientific publication is high. Furthermore, we normally offer a PhD project after completion of the master project and for most this also includes a research visit at Harvard University in Boston.


Do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call:
MD, DMSc, Martin Blomberg Jensen, email: blombergjensen@gmail.com, phone: 26357332 MSc, PhD student, Mette Lorenzen, email: mette.lorenzen.01@regionh.dk, phone: 28572145 MSc, PhD, Anne Jørgensen, email: Anne.Joergensen.02@regionh.dk

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